3rd Division Communication


                 7th Bde.

                 8th Bde.

                 9th Bde.





                1.    It is possible the enemy may use gas as a defensive measure, all ranks should therefore be warned of this                 possibility and be prepared accordingly.


                2.    Each Brigade will report to Divisional Headquarters when the whole of the brigade has been assembled in the                 trenches allotted to it.


                3.    Communications must be tested at intervals during the night to ensure that they are in working order                 by 2.am. 16th.


               4.    Advanced Divisional Headquarters will open at the RAMPARTS, south of the SALLY PORT (I.8d.2.0)                at 5.pm., to which place all reports will be sent after that hour.


               5.    A representative of  7th and 9th Infantry Brigade Headquarters at 4.30pm. to obtain Divisional time.


15th June, 1915.                                                                                                                        Lieutenant-Colonel,

                                                                                                                                       General Staff, 3rd Division.