Carole McEntee-Taylor


The Battle of Bellewaarde, June 1915

Writer of both military history and historical fiction. The author royalties from her military history books go to military charities or, as in the case of The Battle of Bellewaarde, June 1915 and Herbert Columbine VC,  the statue/memorial funds.

You can find more information about Carole and many more titles on her own website at: Carole McEntee-Taylor Books

I keep any royalties from the historical fiction to help pay for the research into the military history, at least that’s the theory! So whichever you buy, you are still doing your bit to help a military good cause. You will also find details of books I am currently working on and there is also a little information about me, if you’re really interested!

NB The Cat & The Nightingale Saga has been withdrawn as it is being revised and republished under a new name by GWL Publishing. It will be called Lives Apart: A World War II Chronicle. and the first volume should be available towards the end of the year.

There is also a Veterans’ Page which carries links and information that may be useful to Service Leavers and Veterans. A Veteran is anybody who has served in any branch of HM Forces, regular and/or reserve forces and has left, regardless of age or circumstances. A Veteran can be as young as 16! If you’d like to get in touch, please send me an email or you can find me on Facebook or LinkedIn and Twitter @CaroleMcT

All books can be found here CaroleMct Books on Amazon and I am also available for talks and lectures on the subjects I have written about.