Laurie Jeffery

Professional freelance photographer and film maker

I have known Laurie for many years and worked with him making films for a large retail company and I can only describe him as the ultimate prefessional. When I spoke to him about the Bellewaarde 1915 Memorial his first comment was "If there is anything I can do to help, just ask." At a later date I spoke about, Paul Laidlaw being our patron and about the way that he could support us and true to his word, Laurie agreed to help.

Laurie Jeffery has many years experience as a top man both in still and moving picture creation. Often described as an advertising photographer, Laurie’s body of work actually embraces much more.

As a top freelance photographer he is a specialist in many areas of the craft. Fine art, landscape, reportage, still life, portraiture, Laurie has excelled in them all. Additionally he’s an educator providing tips and instruction through photography workshops and an online photography blog.

Laurie’s work also includes cutting edge DSLR videography where he brings all his skill as a master stills photographer to the moving image medium. Laurie Jeffery’s images have been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally and sold through galleries and art consultants. His work has been recognised by BIP, Communication Arts, the Universe De Artist and many others.

His commercial work has taken him around the globe many times over and has been seen by millions on TV, film, printed media and most recently the internet. Laurie Jeffery has always enjoyed speaking and giving back to the photographic community. In addition to his photography, Laurie conducts lectures and media interviews and has taught numerous workshops. If there is a thread that runs through all of his work it must be his passion for light, beauty and the artistry and craftsmanship of photography.