2 images taken by Private Fyfe

1/10th The King's (Liverpool) Regiment



These two photographs were taken by Private F.A. Fyfe of 1/10th The King's (Liverpool) Regiment. A Newspaper Photographer before the war. Clearly against regulations, he made good use of his skills with a miniature camera. The images show part of the attack, at Bellewaarde / Hooge, on the German lines at approximately 6 a.m. 16th June 1915. The image on the right shows a screen, this was red and yellow in colour and was an artillery observation screen, which was used so that the artillery observation officer could accurately see the front line and order the shelling to be fired ahead of this line. The soldiers who carried the screens became good targets for the German guns, also after many hours of shelling from both sides the amount of dust and smioke in the air made it impossible for the observer to see the screen, which caused havoc when the British artillery started shelling their own men..

A spliced photograph, below, of the two images above gives a more panoramic view. Compare this to the second image used in the book 'War Illustrated 1915'.  A more updated view of 3 images is now available. Click to go to Panorama