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(  ON O.O. 13 of 3rd Div  ).                 View Phase Sheets       

                                                                                                                        13th June 1915.

Ref: Special Map 1/10,000 & Sheet 38 N.W. 1/20,000.

INFORMATION.      1.         The 3rd Div will attack the BELLEWARDE FM

Ridge on 16th instant. The task of the Division is to seize and hold the line S.W. Corner of BELLEWARDE LAKE (1.12d. 3.2) Y.18 Y.17.


GROUPING               2.         The 3rd D.A., with the assistance of certain Corps and Army

OF R.A.                     Artillery under C.R.A., 3rd Div is grouped as follows:-


                                    A. Group.                    (23rd Bty R.F.A.

                                    (Lt-Col                         (49th Bty R.FA.

                                    ELKINGTON).          (45th Bty R.F.A.

                                                                        (1 Section 8th Bty R.F.A.


                                    B. Group.                    (38th Bde R.F.A.                   )  Lent for the

                                    (Lt-Col                         (65th Fd Howr. Bty R.F.A.   )  operation by

                                    PHILPOTS).               (                                            )  C.R.A. 6th Div.


                                    C. Group.                    (4th  Durham Howr. Bde    (Less 1 Section)on)

                        (Lt-Col STOCKLEY).            (61st Fd Howr. Bty.


                                    D. Group.                    (12th Siege Howr. Bde.

                        (Lt-Col ROBERTS).               (Less 1 Bt)y)


                                    E. Group.                    (29th Bty R.F.A.

                             (Lt-Col GEDDES).            (41st Bty R.F.A.

                                                                       (6th   Bty R.F.A.    (Less 1 Section)


                                    23rd F.A. Bde  (Less 1 Bty  ) lent by 50th Div Arty.

                                     5th Fountain Bty.

                                    34th Trench Mortar Bty.


OBJECTIVES.           3.         The first objective of the attack will be to seize the east edge of Wood  (Y.13 Y.15) and the front line of trenches as far as the north east corner of RAILWAY WOOD  (  I.11b.  1.4. )

                                               The second objective is to gainand secure the line of the road from the house 100 yards south of Y.17 through Y.17 to BELLEWARDE FM, and thence through Y.14 and Y.11 to Y.7.

The third objective will be to seize and hold the line S.W. corner of  BELLEWARDE LAKE  ( 1.12d  3.2 ) Y.10 Y.7.

ACTIONS OF INF.     4.         The 9th Inf Bde will assault the front from the south corner of the wood Y.13 to the north edge of RAILWAY WOOD at 4-15 a.m.


                                                   This attack will be supported:-

                                    (a) On its right by one battalion 7th Inf Bde. From thr MENIN Road about  I.18a  2.6. This                   battalion will take advantage of the forward movement of the main attack to seize the west end of                   the trench running from Y.16 to Y.20 and the trench leading from that point towards the bridge                   at I.12c  9.4.

(b) On its left by covering fire of the 6th Div.

R.A.TASKS.                5.         The tasks and allotments of ammunition are shown on attached pro forma.

& AMMN:                             The allotment therein laid down need not be too strictly adhered to, especially in phase 4, but             are given as a guide to assist commanders to work to a certain rate of fire.

   These allotments may be exceeded only if unexpected developments arise and it is necessary to exceed in order to assist our infantry.

TIMES.                        6.         The official time will be wired to an Officer of each group at midnight 15/16th. This Officer will be detailed to attend the telephone a few minutes before that hour and will be supplied with a reliable watch. Time will be passed to Batteries in the same way, i.e. by an Officer to an Officer.

PHASES.                     7.         The times in Phase 1 will be strictly adhered to.

                                                After Phase 1, times cannot be relied upon for successful co-operation, but only personal touch between artillery observation and contact officers with the infantry and by the formers actual observations of the infantrys progress. As impressions and observations so gained will be passed back to their batteries, or other headquarters, who will pass the information back to D.A.H.Q., who, unless communication is completely severed, will give instructions for the switch from the second to third phase and third to fourth. Failing receipt of orders from other quarters artillery will act on either the wishes of the infantry or on their own observations of the progress of the infantry. In any case, it must be clearly understood by all, that Phase 1 and the switch from Phase 1 to Phase 2 must be carried out as per timetable; and, in order to ensure this, all Officers in the batteries must know the exact initial ranges for Phase 1 and the amount of switch and increase of range required for Phase 2 and also the times, so that fire for these two phases can go on, even if communications break down from the outset.


OBSERVING               8.      The instructions regarding the procedure of observing officers going  forward with the infantry

OFFICERS.                as contained in the C.R.As circular of today must be adhered to.

                                                Extra telephones to assist those units whose O.Os must follow up the infantry have been applied for.


R.A. CONTACT           9.      For the purpose of this operation the Divisional Artillery is

OFFICERS.                under the orders of C.R.A., and it is hoped the programme will be carried through as ordered, but Bde and Battery Commanders must be prepared to act on their own responsibility in departing from it at the special request of an Infantry Commander.

                                     B. group will attach an officer to the H.Q of 9th Inf. Brigade

                                    A Group will attach an officer to the H.Q. 9th Inf Bde and E Group one to that of the 7th Inf  Bde. These officers will be connected to their Groups by triplicate wires.

DUMPING                 10.       Approximately the amount of ammunition required for the first

AMMN.                      days action should be gradually collected at or near the guns.


INFANTRY               11.       The infantry are carrying one Red and Yellow flag per platoon

FLAGS.                      to mark their progress. These must be watched for by observing officers continually, and their             batteries fire kept some 50 yards at least in front of them, in the event of the infantry getting through             more quickly and further than expected at any phase.

REGISTRATION.     12.       Separate orders regarding registration and verification will be issued.

MEDICAL.                13.       A Divisional Collecting Station will be at ECOLE, E of Ypres

                                                An Advanced Dressing Station will be at Asylum H. 12d


C.R.AS.                     14.       The C.R.A s Circular issued today is to be read in conjunction

CIRCULAR.              with this operation, and the instructions therein complied with.

REPORTS.                 15.       H.Q., 3rd D.A., will be with that of 3rd Div in the RAMPARTS, YPRES.

16.        Acknowledge by wire.


Bde Major 3rd Division Artillery


Copies to :-

            A Group.

            B Group.

            C Group.

            D Group.

            E Group.

 24th Mortar Battery.

5th Mountain Battery.