Appendix I to arty Operation orders of 13th June.


The times for first phase should read as follows:-

The fire during first phase will be arranged in times as follows:-



2.50 am to 3.10 am



3.10 am to 3.20 am



3.20 am to 4.15 am

With 2 pauses of 5 minutes each at 3.40 am and 4 am. The last ten minutes of the bombardment (ie from 4.5 to 4.15 am) will be as intense as possible.

LIFT to second phase for all units R.A. 4.15 am.






A.  Group (less forward section)

2.50 am to 2.55 am

B.  Group (less 65th How. Bty) 

2.50 am to 3 am

C.  Group (less 61st How. Bty)  


2.55 am to 3 am

D.  Group


     65th How. Bty

3 am to 3.10 am

     61st How. Bty 

3.5 am to 3.10 am

     5th Mtr. Bty (Use detachable gun)


3.5 am to 3.10 am (if required)

E.  Group (less forward gun at section)

3 am to 3.10 am

     23rd F.A Bde   

3 am to 3.10 am

     24th Trench How. Bte, does not require verification.





The total ammunition for checking registration and bombardment is to be in accordance with the total allowed for 1st phase in table attached to operation orders.

                                                                                                         Major R.A.

                                                                                                              B.M. 3rd D.A.