Communication Arrangements for Assault by 9th Bde. on


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1 CABLES  Ref sketch map attached: One new DE cable has been laid, pegged to side of cme trench A and another laid at bottom of trench B at most places submerged in mud and water as in sketch.

These two cables run from Bde. H.Q. to C. D. E. F. (ref map) back to Bde. H.Q. Another double line runs cme trench to Observation Post where GOC intends to observe from. Another cable runs under the flange of railway line from 8th Bde. H.Q. to G on map. 


It is arranged that main cables will be cut at one point in fire trenches thus putting 2nd Bte. on one circuit and 13 on another, when any station does this the NCO I/C of this stn has orders to join the two cables thus giving alternative routes.

2 VISUAL   There is a visual station behind RAILWAY WOOD to a point near 8th Bde. H.Q. who will wire messages to 9th Bde. This station is to be manned by 8th Bde. Also t is being arranged that two Bns concerned will use flag from behind Y wood when they have captured first line of German trenches, this will work to Observation Post I 11 c 1.5. Battalions have also been instructed to take flags Deitz discs etc. and make every effort to use visual if necessary from captured trench back to original trenches.

3 CARRIER PIGEONS. Baskets containing four birds issued to 5th Fus. (Left Btn) and Royal Fus. (Right Btn) with instructions that they are to be taken up to captured trenches as soon as is practicable, and kept in reserve until a very important message is required to be sent and all other means of cme is broken down.

4 ORDERLIES. Four orderlies from each Btn are being used and will go up and down communication trenches in pairs at an interval of at least 100 yds. Each Btn is to have at least 6 orderlies who know their way to Bde. H.Q. via cme trenches.


5 BATTALIONS. Have been instructed to send parties laying lines simultaneously with their assaulting lines, one with each company. It is hoped that one line at least will remain intact. Immediately the positions captured have been consolidated completely, communications are to be laid up the cme trenches which are to be dug.

When position gained is consolidated Btn. Signal Officers will move up, but not until they have arranged that during day, or at least first two phases of assault, that Bns will leave a sort of Base Signal office in main line trenches and depend for their cme on the lines laid with the assaulting lines. This I consider will give a firmer basis of communication that Signal offices attempting to follow Btn Commanders early in the fight.

6 Between Bde and 3rd Div. Division has arranged 4 alternative routes of cable, a Wireless Station and complete system of orderlies in relays.

7 Copy of orders and instructions issued is attached.


15th June 1915                                                                                                        R.P.G. Helps


                                    Signals 9th Bde


NOTE. For purposes of maintenance I have arranged that main cables are divided in 6 sections of responsibility, each station being responsible for lines to its right.