Communication Orders & Instructions


  1. Bde. H.Q. Dugout 250* NE of level Crossing in I 10 d on north railway embankment. 

Two cables run from Bde. H.Q. in cme trench South of Railway to right of main trench, thence along whole length of front line main trench to RAILWAY WOOD thence down cme trench North of Railway to Bde. H.Q.

There is also a cable which runs under flange of RAILWAY LINE from Bde. H.Q. to RAILWAY WOOD, a duplicate to this line runs back to Bde. H.Q. via cme trench South of Railway.


  1. VISUAL.

(a) A visual station is working from present Royal Scots H.Q. (Railway Wood) back to 8th Bde. H.Q. who will arrange to forward messages to 9th Bde. Should it be necessary.

Thus, should telephone cme break down, messages sent to this station should arrive at Bde. All important messages should be sent by orderly down cme trench as well as by visual in this case

(b) Battalion signals will take flags, deitz discs and should make every to use visual cme from captured trench back to original trenches where messages can be sent on by an orderly.

Arrangements for watch to be made for flag will be made with signallers who will be in original trenches.



(a) A basket of 4 birds (i.e. means of sending 2 messages) will be issued to 5th Fusiliers on left and Royal Fusiliers on right. (instructions re Carrier Pigeons attached)

(b) It is suggested the best moment for using birds will be when a very important message is required to be sent from captured trench, all other means of cme having broken down, for this purpose a basket of pigeons should be got up to captured trench as soon as possible.

(c) Any messages sent by pigeon should be sent by any other means available on first opportunity.



(a) Bde. Operators with Battalions will have reserve cable and move with Btn. H.Q. if they should move into Captured Trench.

Battalions will assist them in every way they can and inform them early of proposed move



It may easily happen that all telephone cme will be broken, in which case orderlies will be sent down cme trenches in pairs at about 100 yds interval, any messages sent by orderly will be sent by wire immediately it is re-established.


Battalion Communications will be discussed with Adjutants and signal Sqts, following, however, is suggested-

Three parties will run from original trench with, or immediately behind assaulting line with 3 separate drums of cable at an interval of say 100* and coverage to a central point where company commander, when he arrives in captured trench can get to send messages.

At night when position is consolidated, more complete communications will be laid, reserve of cable for this purpose will be drawn from Bde.


  1. There is a communication trench running first South of MENIN ROAD approached from right of line under MENIN ROAD, which being dryer might be better for orderlies, but is such long a long way round , that perhaps, unless to avoid shelling, it would not be useful.


12.40 pm                                                                                                                        R.P.G. Helps

14th June                                                                                                                               Lieut Signals 9th Bde