Recommended Useful Links

The Long, Long Trail - is all about the British Army in the First World War: aimed at the family and military researcher, it is also a tribute to the men and women who fought and won - and to the million who died trying.

Great War Forum - A good place to ask questions about any subject in World War 1 and have them answered by a friendly group of enthusiasts. A most informative forum.

Ypres Battlefields Forum - A more specific forum and community dedicated to the battles of Ypres and much more.

The Western Front Association - The WFA was formed with the aim of furthering interest in The Great War of 1914-1918. We also aim to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of all those on all sides who served their countries in France and Flanders and their own countries during The Great War.

Front Forum - The forum of the Western Front Association, furthering interest in The Great War 1914-18

World Naval Ships Forums - Regiments, Units & Soldiers. Excellent forum where you can discuss land and sea.

Forum Eerste Wereldoorlog. Hét WO1-forum voor Nederland en Vlaanderen. (The WW1 Forum for the Netherlands and Flanders) This Forum has many English speaking members and has a large amount to offer those with an interest in Flanders during WW1.

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge - A German language site, dealing with German war graves.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission - A very simple to use site listing the dead of both world wars and also Histories, Publications and a Learning Zone. - A website where you can build your own family tree and share information. Also many records, including millions of military records. You can search the index free, however, there is a reasonable charge to gain access to records.

The National Archives - The nations archives are stored a Kew, much of which is available on-line. Written documents and images are available at a reasonable charge.

Last Post Association - The ceremony was performed with the Last Post Association at 2000 hours. The Daily Tribute - performed by a team of local buglers - serves to honour the memory of the soldiers of the British Empire, who fought and died in the immortal Ypres Salient during the First World War. It is the aim of the Last Post Association to maintain this ceremony in perpetuity.

De Pondfarm - Stijn Butaye, who lived at Pondfarm, gives us an insight to the battles in that area during WW1. He writes - From my childhood onwards I grew up on a farm that was situated in the Ypres front area of World War 1, an area that had to endure a lot of battles. Our farm at that time was known as Pondfarm. As a result of this my first hobby came into being: collecting 'war relics'. From 2003 onwards I started my own collection made up by the war finds coming from our farmlands. Also view his other sites: St-Julien 14-18  Poelcapelle Area 1914-1918

The Gordon Highlanders Museum

The Honourable Artillery Company

The Lincolnshire Regiment

The Northumberland Fusiliers

The South Lancashire Regiment

The King's (Liverpool Regiment)

The Worcestershire Regiment

The links listed above may be of much use and interest to those who are seeking information on soldiers, battles or World War 1 for family history or general interest. Bellewaarde 1915 has checked these sites and found them to be appropriate, however, we cannot guarantee that the content therein will be accurate and therefore does not accept responsibility what so ever for such content.