Little change to the landscape

After so many years of war it is surprising how little the landscape has changed. The top image is a google map of 2009. On the top left is Railway Wood, almost centre screen is Bellewaarde Farm, to the centre, left is Witte Poort Farm. Bellewaarde Lake can clearly be seen, which has become part of Bellewaarde Amusement Park.

Google map 2009

This is the same image with a trench map overlaid, (The trench map is not that of 16th June) you can see the German trenches drawn in red. 'Y' Wood (The Y shape below the name Bellewaarde) has completely disappeared in the first image, but the roads and paths are the same. Also of interest on this map is the topography which shows the rise to the high ground, which the Germans took great advantage of.

Google map 2009 with 1915 Overlay

Kindly created by Bernard