2nd Lieutenant Edwin Blow Kertland

3rd Royal Irish Fusiliers attached 2nd Royal Irish Rifles

Edwin was born on 29th January 1896, the son of Edwin Happer Kertland and Meta Blow Kertland of Dunnimarle, Knockdene Park,Belfast. As well as Inst, he also attended Campbell

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College, Belfast from September 1909 to July 1912, where he was a member of the Officer Training Corps. He was living at 8 Mount Pleasant, Belfast, and working as an apprentice manager in the linen trade, when he enlisted in the Royal Irish Fusiliers. He was gazetted Second Lieutenant in August 1914, and later mentioned in dispatches. The June 1915 edition of School News reported that he had recently been ill with pleurisy.

Edwin was killed in action, at the age of 19, on 16th June 1915, during the attack on Bellewaerde, near Ypres, a day on which the battalion was reported as being subjected to a terrific artillery bombardment from early morning to nightfall, and made repeated attacks on the German lines. Over 300 men of the battalion were killed, missing or wounded by the end of the day.

A report dated 3rd August 1915 from Rifleman McConville, C Company, 2nd Royal Irish Rifles stated "Lt Kertland was hit by machine gun fire and fell - he must have been mortally wounded as I lay beside him for seven minutes and he did not move."

His uncle, Edwin Blow, later wrote that he had "unofficially heard of his being as far as the 4th German Trench and in the attack on a house, from there they have not been able to get any further news".

Edwin is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial (panel 42), Flanders, Belgium.

Menin Gate Memorial (Panel 42)

Courtesy of Inst in the Great War

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