Gainsborough News 2nd July 1915

Gainsboro' Heroes

Private Harry Lawson

Private Harry Lawson

Aged 24. Born at Corringham, and lived at Gainsborough before going to Morton. Farm lad and foundry labourer. Wrote his mother in the eve of a great battle (June 15th):- “We commence business at dawn. We have orders to break through at any cost. Don’t worry about me, I shall have done my best chose which way it is. My blood is up this time, and I don’t seem to mind anything so long as I am doing a bit. I feel fit for anything and am glad to feel like that. God bless you all till we meet again, your loving son and soldier boy, Harry”

Next day he fell in a bayonet charge described in a report from Headquarters in France :- “The attack was pressed home about four o’clock on Wednesday. Our battalions swept across the open ground through the torn entanglements into the enemy’s position. They poured over the parapets bayoneting their way and driving panic stricken Bavarians up the communication trenches.”

“He died,” a friend and comrade in the Lincolns, writes the mother, “as an Englishman wants to die facing the Germans and seeing them flying for their lives.”

Gainsborough News 2nd July 1915 contributed by Stephen Knox